• Pass-through construction to offer the best ergonomics in barrier installations • External doors with vertical hinges and 175° opening, easy to handle and reversible • Automatic drum positioning and locking for the loading and unloading operation, offering the best ergonomics and safety for the operators • Large inner drum doors to make loading and unloading operation easiest than ever • Compass Pro® controller with a user friendly interface to make the operator’s life easy allowing 40 factory and 15 customized wash programs • Compatible with up to 13 detergent signals as standard to stand the most complicated wash programs • Suspended construction allowing a 350G extraction to save energy during the drying process • Feature the Power Balance from Electrolux that ensures the best extraction whatever the loading conditions are • New lifters for a better wash result • Easy program customization via the LPM software from Electrolux
Operation Type OPL
Machine Type Washer
Fuel Type Electric
Power Source Configurable
Condition New
Capacity 40
Cylinder/Basket Volume (FT3) 180
Cylinder Diameter (IN) 30.31
Machine Width (IN) 35.24
Machine Depth (OVERALL) (IN) 40.94
Machine Height (IN) 63.78