Fraud Awareness Tips does not:

Own, buy, or sell machinery listed on our website.

Offer machinery warehousing or shipping services.

Get involved in transactions between buyers and sellers.

Ask you for personal or financial information via email.

Inspect machinery listed on our website.

Awareness is the best protection against fraud. Review our suggestions below, and use common sense and your best judgment in all transactions. If you are the victim of fraud, email us at and/or call your local law enforcement agency immediately.

Suggestion 1: If you think you are the victim of a scam, please email us at with as much information about your particular situation as possible.

Suggestion 2: Forward any suspicious emails to  Don't change the subject line or send it as an attachment because doing so could prevent us from identifying patterns and preventing similar scams.

Suggestion 3: File a complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center so that federal and state law enforcement agencies will be informed. We would also suggest you report any fraud to local law enforcement as well.

We don't own, buy or sell machinery listed on our site. is an online commercial laundry machine listing service that connects machinery buyers with sellers. We are not machinery dealers. All listing information about a particular machine comes directly from the seller, not

We don't offer machinery warehousing or shipping services.

We will never request any deposit or payment for shipment of a machine stored in a warehouse. We do not own any warehouses, and we do not ship machinery.

We don't get involved in transactions between buyers and sellers.

Do not respond to any email that appears to come from (an example is an email displaying our logo) and requests your completion of a machine sale listed on our site. This is certainly fraud as we don’t get involved in any buyer and seller transactions.

Some other examples of fraud would be emails that:

  • Insist a transaction is guaranteed by
  • Indicate that has verified info about a particular buyer, seller or listing.
  • Endorse “pre-approved” buyer or seller plans and programs. does not have any “pre-approved” or preferred buyer or seller plans, and we do not guarantee or endorse transactions. Additionally, will encourage your purchase of any machine, or to sell a specific machine. If you receive an email that indicates as such, immediately report it to us and to local law enforcement.

We don't ask you for personal or financial information via email.

Financial info seems to be primary purpose of online fraud, and often begins with an email asking you to reveal that private information. These scammers will often use a company logo or some type of marking indicating the sense of a professional request. will never ask for a username, password, Bank Account number, Bank Routing number, or Social Security number via an email. will only request credit card information in one situation, when you are purchasing an ad on our site. will never remove a listing because a customer does not provide account info. Any email received requesting that type of information should be immediately reported to us and local law enforcement.

We don't inspect machinery. does not inspect any machinery whatsoever.

Common-Sense Advice for Buyers

Buying a machine you find online is a lot like buying a machine through a classified ad in the newspaper.

Know the machine's market value

Be suspicious of an machine priced well below market value. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Inspect the machine

Schedule an inspection with a professional service technician. However, keep in mind that an inspection isn't a warranty and won't guarantee a machine being free from defects or that the technician has identified all existing problems.

Confirm contact information

An email address does not qualify as contact information. Verify the seller's street address and phone number prior to sending any payment. Addresses, zip codes, and area codes should all match up.

Be safe with your email

Emails are not a secure method of communicating. We suggest never sending any financial, or personal info to a seller via an email transmission.

Always request a receipt

Ask the seller for a receipt that confirms if the machine is being purchased “as is” or if it includes a warranty.

Machine Ownership

Research what your state requires in order to transfer machine ownership properly. Each state has its own laws.

Common-Sense Advice for Sellers

Selling a machine online is a lot like selling a machine through a classified ad in the newspaper.

Confirm contact information

Verify the buyer's street address and phone number. Compare address, zip codes, and area codes to confirm they all match up.

Secure payment first

Do not transfer the machine until you have payment in hand at the agreed upon price.

Verify that a cashier’s check is genuine

Before you deposit a cashier’s check, call the bank on the check to confirm that they are in fact the bank of record and produced the check.

Beware of overpayment or other complicated payment schemes

Any situation where a buyer offers to send a check for more than the sale price and requests you refund them the difference should raise a red flag. Do your deal with the actual buyer rather than any agent of the buyer.

Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC)

Internet Fraud Preventive Measures