Electrolux smart washers will forever change the way you do laundry Imagine a washer smart enough to weigh the load size and add precisely the correct amount of water. Imagine a laundry chemical controller smart enough to adjust dosing for accurate water ratio each time. Electrolux Professional washers do all that and more! An estimated 60-70% of washers are underloaded, wasting water, chemicals, and energy. That’s why Electrolux developed Automatic Savings (AS), a unique feature that automatically matches water consumption to load size. Combine that with Smart Dosing which adjusts laundry chemicals to water ratio, and you will see immediate savings and superior wash results – every time, automatically.
Operation Type OPL
Machine Type Washer
Fuel Type Electric
Power Source Configurable
Condition New
Capacity 30
Machine Width (IN) 36 3/4
Machine Depth (OVERALL) (IN) 38 3/4
Machine Height (IN) 57 5/16
Door Opening (IN) 16 1/8