Article: Rebates



The United States government provides a lot of funding to utility companies. This funding is provided to them so that they can roll out programs that benefit both residential and business users in the form of rebates. For example, on the residential side if you are in need of a new hot water system for your home, your utility company will often offer rebates on various hot water system models. There is nothing better than free money, especially when the only caveat is to purchase one of their approved "energy efficient" systems.

Similar types of rebates are also available for commercial businesses. Laundromats, as well as OPL laundry operators are eligible to receive substantial rebates on high energy efficient boilers for their laundry facilities.

Washing machines can also be eligible for rebates on certain models. The smaller front load washers can be energy star rated which many utility companies will reward with a rebate.

If you are a Laundromat owner it isn’t a bad idea to contact your utility company to find out what washers, and possibly dryers, are eligible for a rebate. While it may cost some out of pocket expenses to purchase those new machines, the amount of savings on utilities can translate into a machine paying for itself over time.

One phone call can go a long way towards upgrading your equipment while putting money back in your pocket at the same time.