Article: Maintenance



Here are a few tips to keep your washers in tip-top shape!


  1. Check the door lock assembly on the washer to make sure that it remains locked during the wash cycles.
  2. Check the door seals to make sure there is no debris or foreign materials to prevent it from sealing properly.
  3. Check all water connections in the back of the machine for tightness and absence of leaks
  4. Check the drain to make sure it opens and closes properly.
  5. Make sure there is no soap build up in the soap box and that the box is properly and securely mounted to top of washer.
  6. Leave the loading door open to aerate the washer when not in use.


  1. Make sure all the water hoses are receiving adequate pressure and there is no clog in them.
  2. Check belts for wear and tear and replace if necessary.
  3. Check integrity of electrical components and make sure there are no water leaks that can occur.
  4. Check motors and lint build up around the motor and make sure all units are working properly.


  1. Check all mounting bolts and integrity of the frame.
  2. Check all wire harnesses and capacitors for proper connection.
  3. Clean all lint in and around the machine to prevent corrosion of mechanical components.

*Make sure all machine power is disconnected before making checks inside the machine.