Article: How To Pair Water-Efficient Commercial Washers With Energy-Efficient Dryers For Ultimate Profit-Building Performance

How To Pair Water-Efficient Commercial Washers With Energy-Efficient Dryers For Ultimate Profit-Building Performance

How To Pair Water-Efficient Commercial Washers With Energy-Efficient Dryers For Ultimate Profit-Building Performance

When you are looking for commercial laundry equipment to boost profits in your laundromat, it is important to select water-efficient coin washers and energy-efficient coin dryers. But just as important is making sure that your equipment works together to deliver the best laundry service to your customers, the highest profits for your store, and the perfect fit for your budget.

With Valentine’s day coming up, we thought we’d take a look at some laundry power couples that work great together. Whether you are looking for the speed and high performance of Electrolux, the reliability and style of Wascomat, or the flexibility and affordability of Encore, Laundrylux has the perfect laundry pairs for your laundromat.

Let’s dive in and take a look at the washers and dryers that will take your laundry business to the next level.

Efficient Coin Laundry Washers and Dryers From Electrolux Professional

The Perfect Pair For Speed: H-Series 450 G-Washers & Electrolux Professional Dryers

When you pair 450-G Electrolux Soft-Mount Washers with Electrolux Professional Dryers, your customers will be able to wash and dry their laundry in under an hour. Fast drying times start with high water extraction in the washing machine, and thanks to their soft-mount design, our Electrolux 450-G washers extract so much water that drying times are significantly shortened. Electrolux Professional Dryers are the perfect match for our 450-G washers — adding energy-efficient technology that helps prevent over-drying.

With this pair, your laundromat can deliver the convenience of speed to your customers — a big plus in today’s fast-paced world. Fast turnaround times benefits your business too! With the ability to serve more customers at peak times, and with big energy and water savings, this pair will help your laundromat generate profit while keeping your customers satisfied.

 Extremely Low Water and Energy Consumption

 Super-fast Turnaround Times

 Electrolux Brand Recognition

Wascomat High Capacity Commercial Washing Machines and Dryers

The perfect match for high capacity loads: Wascomat WSD Washer & Wascomat D-Series Dryer

If you run a Wascomat laundromat, you can get ultimate water extraction, by choosing a washer from our soft-mount Ultra Dry Series. But if your customers want to get a lot of laundry done in one wash, our high-capacity Wascomat WSD washers are a great choice to pair with your D-Series dryers.

With a capacity of up to 135 lbs, WSD washers can handle an entire family’s weekly laundry in one wash. These high capacity washers also give your store the ability to offer a commercial laundry service to local small businesses. Local companies can launder all of their uniforms, tablecloths, or towels in one cycle with these powerful washers. And of course, D-Series Wascomat dryers are the perfect companion for WSD high-capacity washers.

 Large Capacity

 Stylish Stainless Steel Redesign

 Famous Wascomat Reliability

Powerful Technology Available With Electrolux and Wascomat Models

Whether you choose Electrolux Professional or Wascomat Commercial equipment for your laundromat business, you’ll be able to access state-of-the-art laundry technology to make your life — and your customers’ lives — easier.

Compass Pro

The Compass Pro microprocessor available on Electrolux Professional and Wascomat Commercial washers and dryers makes customers’ lives easier and gives owners the flexibility to program their equipment.

 Easy To Create Custom Programs

 Simply Program Selection

 Dual-language Display

 Manage Water & Energy Levels For Superior Results and Lower Utilities

Watch this video for more info on Compass Pro!


LaundryPulse is the revolutionary digital laundromat management system that helps laundromat owners manage their store right from their laptop.

 Manage Unlimited Laundry Locations

 Remotely Manage Prices & Promotions

 View Real-time Revenue Reports & Data

 Receive Alerts by Text or Email

More Info on LaundryPulse.


LaundryPay is the new smartphone app from Laundrylux that gives customers the ultimate laundromat experience, allowing your customers to…

 Pay directly from the LaundryPay app

 Check machine availability before leaving home

 Get notifications when their wash is complete

 Save money and earn loyalty points

More Info on LaundryPay.

Encore Semi-professional Laundry Equipment

The budget-friendly choice: Encore by Wascomat Washers and Dryers

If your laundry business needs commercial laundry reliability in a budget-friendly and space-saving package, Encore washers and dryers are for you. Encore by Wascomat is the semi-professional line of washers and dryers that deliver many of the benefits of commercial laundry equipment but at a size and price much closer to residential appliances.

Pairing Encore washers and dryers is a great choice for store owners who want to offer a lower priced option to their customers. Many laundromat owners choose to install rows of Encore washers and dryers to compliment high capacity and high-speed Electrolux or Wascomat models.

 Designed to last 3-times longer than residential appliances

 Saves up to 60% on water vs. top load washers

 Soft mount design makes for easy installation