Article: Benefits of the "New" Commercial Washer

Benefits of the "New" Commercial Washer

Benefits of the "New" Commercial Washer

Washer technologies have not changed that much over the years but some of the features that have been implemented into recent washer designs are features geared towards increased savings on utilities.

The faster a washer can extract the laundry the less moisture gets retained in the garments, thus enabling the customer to have a quicker dry time. The quickness of the spin is usually measured in G-Force. A typical washer extracts at 100 G-Force. There are other higher end washers that extract at 200-350 G-Force.

Several manufacturers have implemented an “automatic weighing system” (AWS) program into their washing machines. This feature is very important for users that tend to put smaller loads into larger machines. If a customer puts 15lbs of laundry into a 40lb machine, the AWS kicks in and will put enough water into the machine for a 15lb load and not a 40lb load. It will also generate a high enough extract through the wash to work with the load properly. This type of feature will allow less strain on the mechanical components of the washer, which without this feature, might create a premature failure in the overall usefulness of the machine.

Another nice perk of the more recent washer designs is the capability of providing instructions on how to use the machinery in multiple languages. As more and more people in the United States speak languages other than English, the ability to offer assistance to the machine user in multiple languages is hugely beneficial to the comfort of the end user, and a great marketing element of these new washers.