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Ask The Tech

Who Cleans Dryer Ducts?

The answer to this question should be everyone. Cleaning the lint screens on any dryer is probably one of those important daily tasks that any laundry operator can, and should do. 

First and most important, by cleaning the dryer ducts/lint screen you will reduce the risk of fire.

Secondly, by keep the ducts lint free, the clothes will dry much faster and you will be using less gas or electricity by doing so.

While the task of actually doing this “cleaning” seems quite tedious it is a very important job in running an efficient laundry. We recommend that lint screens get cleaned after every load of laundry. We recommend that the ducts are monitored periodically and that you have scheduled appointments with your duct cleaning company setup over the course of the year. This will alleviate any stress of having to call someone as the appointments will already be scheduled.