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The negotiation is done and both parties agree to the deal. What next? Have all necessary paperwork signed by both parties. Confirm that payment has been made in full. Provide all relevant documentation to the new owner.


LaundryDealer.com implores you to make sure you have properly researched the buyer and that they are reputable. One good reason is in the case that they send an agent on their behalf to take ownership of the machine, you won’t have to worry about the potential fraud this could represent if you did not know who you were selling to. Just the same, make sure the agent provides you with documentation authorizing them to take control of the machine and that the liability rests with them until they deliver the machine.


One final piece of advice is to research what your state requires in order to transfer machine ownership properly. Each state has its own laws. Regardless, some common fees you can expect to pay in each state would be for a Documentary Stamp and Notary Signature.