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Bad economy equals good used machinery sales. As the economy recovery begins its slow journey, laundry businesses are still looking to upgrade their machines, albeit by making more sensible economic choices. So if you are looking to sell your used machinery, now is a great time to make it happen and LaundryDealer.com is here to help you.


Used machinery is becoming high in demand because of the new generation of machine buyers. People are becoming wise to the technology that exists in these machines and if they are getting all the features they are looking for in a machine at a great price, then buying used is the way they will go. It's all based on economics. Those same buyers are coming to the table with eco-friendly awareness so they are also looking for high efficiency models that will leave a smaller carbon footprint and save them money in the long run.


There are many laundry owners that subscribe to the business plan of opening their laundry, running it for a set time, and then “flipping” it to a new owner. This type of laundry owner is always looking for a great deal that will allow them to recoup their investment in the near future. Your business’s used machine might be the perfect machine for their business plan. 


Some final thoughts:

Any machine selling situation will be strengthened by the ability to provide necessary documentation, and you are honest in disclosing every detail about the machine, good and bad. If the machine is still under warranty, and that warranty is transferable, make it known to the buyer. Buyers are getting smarter and will not make any deals without seeing the documentation that gives them the confidence that your used machine is the right one for their business. Maintenance reports are another good thing to have readily available.


The nature of today’s marketplace is to be economical, so the time is ripe for you to list your used machine right here at LaundryDealer.com.