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You will need the following documents and information in order to sell your machine:


Maintenance Records: A great selling tool is to be able to show your potential buyers the machine’s track record. If you can show your machine has been treated with love and care through timely servicing and proper maintenance, you will be way ahead of the competition to sell your machine.


Proof of Warranty: If you can demonstrate that your warranty still has time on it, and is transferrable, a buyer will have a tough time passing on your machine and they will have a tough time arguing the price you are asking for.


Specs: The more descriptive you can be, the better the chance of selling your machine. What sets your machine apart from the pack will likely be discovered in the details.


Legal: This includes a few items such as the Bill of Sale. Make sure the bill of sale indicates to the potential buyers the “as-is” condition of the machine especially if there is no warranty involved, and that it clearly states that maintenance and repairs is the responsibility of the purchaser. If possible, bring with you the receipt you received when you purchased your machine from the dealer, or if the machine was used when you bought it, the signed Bill of Sale from your purchase of the machine from the previous owner.