March 16, 2016 – Inwood, NY – Commercial laundry equipment leader Laundrylux recently hired Robert Tudisco as its new Vice President of Technical Care and Training.

Over the last 15 years, Mr. Tudisco has held a variety of technical leadership positions in several service industries that range from textile rental services, to facility critical power infrastructure support and data center infrastructure support services.

“Ours is an industry that continues to grow in terms of technology, and with the addition of Robert to our team, we have a leader who will make certain that Laundrylux employees stay informed and ahead of the curve,” said Gary Brown, Vice President of Engineering at Laundrylux. “Keeping our staff and company at the forefront of new technologies ensures our valued customers and distributors are able to do likewise.”

Mr. Tudisco holds a Masters of Business Administration from Adelphi University in Garden City, NY, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from the New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury, NY. Most recently he served as Senior Data Center Engineer and Director of Operations at Mindshift Technologies, a Ricoh Company.

At Laundrylux, Tudisco will set strategy for the technical service staff, to safeguard that the company’s distributor network and end users receive the highest level of support and technical services in the industry.

“The solid reputation Laundrylux and the Electrolux and Wascomat brands have built in the industry is impressive,” Tudisco said. “Naturally, I’m looking forward to delivering on the company’s promise of providing exemplary service and support to our distributors and end users.”

About Laundrylux
Laundrylux distributes Electrolux and Wascomat commercial laundry equipment in North America through its extensive distributor network. The company offers state-of-the-art coin operated washer and dryer models, wetcleaning equipment, and on-premises laundry equipment for hotels, resorts, hospitals, nursing homes, vets, firehouses, prisons, and more. Laundrylux also provides laundromat business financing and marketing support. Electrolux and Wascomat products are world-renowned for exceptional quality, durability, long life, and water and energy efficiency. To learn more, please call (800) 645-2205 or visit


March 8, 2016 – Inwood, NY –Laundrylux recently announced the addition of industry veteran Corey Simonson to its On-Premises Laundry division. Simonson has been hired as OPL National Sales Manager and is charged with growing business and supporting the Electrolux and Wascomat distribution network.

Simonson brings with him a wealth of industry and sales experience. His laundry industry expertise spans over three decades and includes success in commercial laundry, wholesale, service, and retail environments.

Most recently, Simonson served as Director of Midwest and Canadian Sales for a North American dryer manufacturer. Prior to that, he managed regional commercial and route sales for a laundry company. In addition, Simonson has consulted with numerous clients in the laundry industry on expanding their markets, reducing costs, and increasing sales and profitability.

“I am very excited to be part of the Laundrylux family,” Simonson said. “and extremely proud to represent the Electrolux and Wascomat brands in North America. The company and products are incredible and I am looking forward to providing my customers with the highest quality laundry equipment on the market. I am so impressed with the energy efficiency, water savings, advanced technology, and unique features and benefits of the products – and with the service and support of the Laundrylux team.”

Cody, Milch, Vice President of OPL and PLUS, adds, “We are very happy to welcome Corey to the Laundrylux team. With his level of experience and background, we see great things ahead for our Electrolux and Wascomat distribution network. We are confident he will be an invaluable resource to us and to our customers.”

About Laundrylux

Laundrylux distributes Electrolux professional and Wascomat commercial laundry products in North America through its extensive distributor network. The company offers state­of­the­art commercial laundry and wetcleaning equipment for the vended and OPL markets, as well as marketing, financing, and business planning support. To learn more, call (800) 645­2205 or visit

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Series of Free Sales Training Programs Begin in February 2016

As part of the support programs to the Laundry Industry, and LaundryWorld Expo are holding a series of regional free seminars for all industry people on how to be more effective at ALL trade shows. The three-hour programs are being presented by Jason Chudnofsky a 30 year veteran of the trade show industry and past President and CEO of Comdex, the largest computer show In North America. Jason has event experience in a number of growing markets and is bringing this to our industry now.

Comdex ran in numerous countries around the world and its largest event ran in Las Vegas for over 25 years with over 10,000 booths and over 225,000 people.

Portfolio Media Group with CEO Jason Chudnofsky and The Pulse Network with CEO Stephen Saber have teamed up with to launch LaundryWorld Expo, a targeted series of regional events for the commercial laundry industry. This combination creates a true year-round full reach resource for this industry.

LaundryWorld Expo is designed as a business-to-business trade show and conference for manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of commercial laundry machinery, parts, systems, technologies, and services focused on lead generation, revenue opportunities and growth.

Each regional event will include two full days of educational conference sessions geared to Coin-Operated Laundry buyers, On-Premise Laundry buyers, and Multi-Family Unit Laundry buyers. The locations for face-to-face programs are being selected based on the highest density of end users in the geographic regions to maximize the potential for sponsor and buyer interaction. The first show is scheduled for September 2016 at The Castle at Park Plaza in Boston, MA.

The Exhibitor prospectus is available now at

Portfolio Media Group, under the guidance of Jason Chudnofsky (Comdex), specializes in strategically bringing businesses o2o (Online-to-Offline) together. “These seminars are a great opportunity for the attendees to learn how to increase their ROI’s and ROO’s, and in the future, we will be expanding our programs to include ideas on financing and new technologies,” says Chudnofsky. President Ilan Lewinger is excited about being part of increasing the education within the industry, “ is where business and education come together. Education is vital to the growth of any industry and I am very much looking forward to what Jason can bring to the commercial laundry industry. There is a ton we can learn from him, and from the other speakers that will be participating in these educational seminars.”

Saber, CEO of The Pulse Network, a cloud-based platform focused on content marketing and event solutions added, “We find the evolution of technology in the commercial laundry industry to be fascinating and ever-changing. With the next generation consumer making buying decisions based on experience, service, value, and communications, we are excited to see the commercial laundry industry embracing them through technology.”
The Pulse Network clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small and mid-size companies looking to boost awareness, drive lead generation and enhance client engagement through content marketing, campaign management and event registration with a social and digital backbone. is a fully functional Internet-based commercial laundry portal using the most up-to-date technology to create a comprehensive interactive experience between Dealer and End User. was launched in June 2013 and extends its services to dealers, manufacturers, and sponsors throughout North America.


August 14, 2015 – Inwood, NY –Laundrylux announced the addition of industry veteran Tim Seitz to its PLUS division. Seitz has been hired as PLUS Business Development Manager. He comes to the position with a wealth of industry experience. 

His laundry industry expertise spans almost two decades and includes positions with card payment system leader ESD (director of sales and marketing), route operator Coinmach (senior vice president of sales), and as an independent representative of a variety of payment platforms.

“I’m thrilled to join the Laundrylux family and to be focused on the needs of the commercial laundry industry,” Seitz said. “Being able to provide our customers with the latest technology, most energy efficient products, financing, service, and support makes me proud to be a member of the Laundrylux team.”

Cody Milch, Vice President of OPL and PLUS, adds, “Seitz will be an invaluable resource for the Laundrylux distribution network, helping them increase awareness of the Plus system within their territories and, ultimately, drive sales. We are very excited to welcome Tim to our team!”

PLUS is a revolutionary approach to on-premises laundry processing, eliminating capital expenses. It enables properties to pay for usage only of new, high efficiency Electrolux Professional laundry equipment, while avoiding lengthy contracts and expensive lease payments. All service and support is included in the program and helps managers better budget for their laundry expenses.

About Laundrylux and PLUS

Laundrylux distributes Electrolux professional and Wascomat commercial laundry products in North America through its extensive distributor network. PLUS, a unique pay-per-use laundry system, is part of the Laundrylux family of brands. The company offers state-of-the-art commercial laundry and wetcleaning equipment for the vended and OPL markets, as well as marketing, financing, and business planning support. To learn more, call (800) 645-2205 or visit


Laundry owners: do you need to replace old top-loaders or appliance-style front loaders? Take advantage of the Crossover Test Drive sales event going on now. Get 3 Crossover washers installed at your laundromat and try them for 60 days at NO COST. If you decide to keep the Crossover Washers after the initial trial period, you can pay in 18 easy no interest payments. Offer ends August 31, 2015, so act quickly. Call (800) 645-2205 or email for details.


With strict water conservation efforts, severe drought conditions, and low water supplies, a person might think twice before opening a laundromat in Palmdale, CA, located in the Mojave Desert. However if you’re Sterling Phillips, a multi-store owner and SES Laundry distributor who knows a thing or two about saving money on utilities and achieving profitability, then by all means – what’s stopping you?

The Mojave Desert has met its match
In fact, Sterling thought the desert locale was the ideal choice for his next venture, Lucy’s Laundromat, for a number of reasons. “For starters the area is spread out and attracts customers far and wide,” he began. “I liked that the existing store was large, approximately 3,000-square feet, plus it had ample access to parking, and great visibility.”

He was also keenly aware that his competitors had smaller locations, older equipment, and much less parking. Based on all the facts and his industry experience, Sterling quickly surmised that the demographics were excellent and there was sufficient demand for a new and improved laundry in the marketplace.

Great business partners – who happen to be family
Sterling credits his father, Sterling Phillips Sr., for his chosen career path. “My father was a store owner before he became a distributor, launching Sterling Equipment Sales (SES) in 1988,” Sterling shared. “As kids, my brother, sister and I would visit laundries with our father where we learned the ropes. I worked for SES Laundry and managed the stores we owned all throughout high school and after graduating from college.”

Needless to say, Sterling has been involved in every aspect of the laundry business – from cleaning, maintenance, and management, to multi-store owner and developer. “It was a wonderful experience working side-by-side, learning from my father. Of course, my kids want to be doctors,” Sterling joked.

Today, Sterling still works with his family. “As the family business diversified throughout the years, my brother moved in the direction of managing our self-serve laundries, while I took on the SES distributorship,” Sterling explained.

As a world-class distributor for the Electrolux and Wascomat brands, SES Laundry focuses on store development and retooling equipment, which includes lease negotiations and design for new and experienced laundry owners. “We count on our sister as an investment partner. Our parents still work with us, but do a lot more traveling and are really enjoying life these days,” shared Sterling. “It’s no secret – I’ve got great business partners who happen to be my family.”

With his hands-on know-how and the innovative design and equipment resources of SES Laundry behind him, Sterling began the business of re-tooling the outdated laundry into a well-lit, wide-open space that offers a roomy folding area and a large mix of machines to appeal to every customer.

“The retool was easy,” stated Sterling. “All the utilities and carpentry were in place. We just needed to paint, fit LED lighting in the walls, and install a card system and, of course, get all new equipment.”

Sterling knew choosing the right equipment mix could make or break his desert store. He also knew that Electrolux Professional coin laundry equipment was specifically designed to dramatically save on water and energy while adding to his bottom line.

Electrolux – made for the Mojave and everywhere else
“There was no other equipment considered for this store,” said Sterling. “Electrolux Professional washers offer incredible custom programming, which gives me control over my utility consumption per wash, saving me up to 30 percent on water. The G-force extraction is very important to the customer and business owner, allowing for a much faster dry time, and, again, reducing energy consumption.”

What’s more, the Compass Pro feature gives Sterling the opportunity for higher revenue. For instance, he can offer his customers special wash cycles.

“Take comforters for example,” he explained. “Customers have the option of selecting ‘heavy soil’ or ‘extra rinse’ cycle. And customers like options – they will use them. They understand the benefit of using them, the added quality it brings to their laundry experience.”

Sterling’s customers are equally as pleased with the performance of the Electrolux dryers; he is especially pleased with the equipment’s low gas consumption. “Thanks to the reversing and EcoPower feature on the Electrolux dryers, the clothes are dried in much less time with great results,” he shared. “My customers love using the machines and I love how they consistently deliver an excellent performance.”

Lucy’s Laundromat patrons appreciate that they are in-and-out – fast. “About 45 minutes to an hour, tops,” said Sterling. “It’s because more water is removed from the garments during the wash cycle and our dryers work more efficiently, drying faster. You can count on Electrolux for speed. All the equipment is built to be super efficient.”

Lucy’s Laundromat – “the best wash in town”
From the moment Lucy’s Laundromat opens its doors, excitement was in the air. “The turnout was amazing, bigger than expected,” shared Sterling. “We did a mailer and door hanger with a coupon to redeem for a five dollar laundry card. We’re a card store, so the five dollar card could only be used at my business. Then the card, with our name and address on it, went right into their wallet, becoming the perfect reminder when laundry day rolled around once again.”

People were excited for a new laundry experience, one that offered a big beautiful space with the best equipment and service in town. There is no comparison. “Our customers say that our wash and dry performance is the fastest and best,” Sterling said with obvious pride. “They love that we offer more machines, more sizes, and more options.”

And because Lucy’s Laundromat is also a card store, the competition can’t offer what it can – namely bonuses, discounts, and promotions. “I’ll continue to do bonuses and discounts because I love reaching out to new customers,” said Sterling. “The five-dollar card giveaway was a big deal. People responded to that and told all their friends to come in.”

A Laundromat designed to fit everyone’s need
The desert may have its challenges, yet thanks to Sterling’s vast experience, Lucy’s Laundromat has been designed to be comfortable and appealing in spite of drastic weather changes or water restrictions.

Since opening its doors in March 2014, a loyal Lucy’s following continues to flourish. Sterling knows that out of all the transformations the store underwent, the most impactful upgrade has been the equipment.

“I receive so many compliments on the store – how airy, clean, and safe it is – but honestly the majority of the raves are about the Electrolux washers and dryers,” said Sterling. “Customers are amazed how nice their clothes feel and that they dry so fast.”

As a longtime Laundromat professional, Sterling knows the value of choosing the right equipment. “A huge part of our success is the standout performance of Electrolux. It’s what continues to keep my customers happy and satisfied – and sharing their experience with their friends. And if there’s anything I’ve learned over the years it’s this: Your best advertisement is your customers, so treat them well. ”


Oshkosh, Wis.– Fowler Equipment Co. (Fowler), in Bloomfield, N.J., recently received Continental Girbau Inc.’s (Continental) 2014 Vended Laundry Distributor of the Year award, an honor that distinguishes distributors for outstanding performance in the vended laundry market. Simultaneously, Coronet Equipment (Coronet), in Edmonton, Alberta, received the Canadian Distributor of the Year award for outstanding sales and distribution in both the vended and on-premise laundry markets.

• Fowler is among the largest on-premise, vended and multi-housing laundry equipment distributors in the Mid-Atlantic region. A 65-year-old company, Fowler is a consistently high performer and valued partner of Continental, according to Joel Jorgensen, vice president of sales and customer services. The full-service operation offers unrivaled technical service and parts, as well as expert assistance with vended laundry development. “The people at Fowler develop lifelong friendships with their customers,” said Jorgensen. “It’s no wonder that a large percentage of Fowler’s business comes from vended laundry owners developing multiple stores.” Fowler specializes in vended laundry site analysis, design, construction, training and marketing. To find out more about Fowler, visit or call 800-334-1824.

• Coronet is a full-service distributorship handling Continental vended and on-premise laundry equipment distribution in Saskatchewan and the Northern Canadian territories. Dedicated to unrivaled service, Coronet assists in vended laundry site selection, financing, equipment, store layout and management. For on-premise laundries, Coronet helps evaluate and design laundries with equipment to meet the specific efficiency, labor and productivity needs of a range of businesses. “Coronet is a continuously high performer serving a sprawling territory,” said Joel Jorgensen, vice president of sales and customer services. “The Rosen family works tirelessly to help out customers – developing appealing, productive and profitable vended laundries. They are a great Canadian resource and business partner.” Discover more about Coronet at or 888-396-9999.

To find out more about Continental laundry products, visit or call 800-256-1073.

Continental Girbau Inc. is the largest of 15 subsidiaries of the Girbau Group, based in Vic, Spain. Girbau laundry products – marketed throughout 90 countries worldwide – meet rigorous environmental and safety standards established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Girbau S.A. holds both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. Ever focused on laundry efficiency, Continental Girbau is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGB), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.


Inwood, NY – Laundrylux has announced a disaster recovery program that will be offered to self-service laundry owners affected by the devastating floods over the past few weeks. This program includes no payments for up to 120 days plus no interest up to 12 months and low fixed interest rates. In addition, Laundrylux will waive all application fees to help get their laundry-owner customers’ businesses back up and running as quickly as possible.

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the people in the mid-west affected by the recent floods,” states John Olsen, VP of Vended Sales for Laundrylux. “We understand how difficult it has been and we want to do our part to help. We are working with our local distributors to make it as affordable as possible for laundry owners – as well as business such as hotels, nursing homes, long term care, and other facilities – to get the equipment they need right away and get back on their feet.”

“Having lived through Super Storm Sandy, I understand how challenging it is to clean up after a flood,” shares Robert Hinojosa, Laundrylux Regional Business Development Manager. “I want our customers to know Laundrylux is here to help them get their businesses back up and running so they can focus on their families. I was born and raised in Texas, this is my home. It’s important to me personally to do whatever I can to help.”

Robert Hinojosa, Regional Business Manager for Laundrylux, is working directly with our local Electrolux and Wascomat distributors to make sure they get the equipment and financing they need to best serve their customers.

“Helping our customers get their businesses back in order is a top priority for me,” states Hinojosa.

If your existing laundry has been affected by the recent flooding, please call Robert directly to learn more:

Robert Hinojosa cell – (516) 491-5888 or

Or call Laundrylux at (800) 645-2205


This fundamental was written by Dick Fabian. Dick Fabian has over 15 years in the sales and marketing areas of specialty vehicle lending. He previously served as the Regional Sales Manager for the Automotive Management Group in Melville, NY, where he facilitated financing and leasing options for commercial customers on a nationwide basis. His specialties included the financing of vehicles and equipment in the tow and recovery as well as EMS and patient transport industries. In 2001, Dick joined Network Capital Alliance, part of the Network Group of companies, as a Business Development Manager where he continued to focus on the tow and EMS industries. Throughout his career Dick has effectively developed and implemented strategic business plans that have positively impacted the market share and loan origination volume of every organization with whom he has been associated. The Specialty Vehicle Funding Group is very fortunate to have an individual of his experience and character on our team.

Fundamental # 7 – Speak Straight. Speak honestly in a way that moves the action forward.  Say what you mean, and be willing to raise issues that may result in discomfort or conflict when it’s necessary to reach our goals.  Address issues directly with those who are and involved and/or affected. 

I have been in sales most of my working career. Even as a young boy, I had my own Newsday (newspaper delivery) route, and I worked in a pizza store all through high school to help pay for my clothes, school supplies and entertainment. Later, I opened my own bar/restaurant business, worked for Chevrolet and Chrysler selling cars and trucks and was a finance manager handling customer credit and financing of vehicles for many dealerships.

Due to my extensive experience and understanding of the so called “Art of Selling ,” I am often called upon by many friends and family members to oversee the entire process of helping to buy a car or truck. It appears that most consumers do not trust sales people. This perception puts potential buyers on guard and creates doubt in their minds as to whether they are truly getting a fair deal. The experience can at times be so frustrating and painful that it has been said many customers would prefer going to the dentist to have a tooth pulled than deal with a car salesman to buy a car.

I have always found that selling is just like making a new friend. It is all about the relationship and the manner in which you build the relationship. The strength of any relationship is only as good as the trust, honesty and bond created in your initial contact with a friend or customer, then being consistent in its execution throughout the relationship. As we all know, it is far easier and far more profitable to keep repeat business than it is to land a whole new account. By focusing on creating a positive customer experience based on openness and trust, we are securing our ability to almost always enjoy an extraordinary level of loyalty and repeat business. 

So what is the secret to establishing and maintaining credibility in the eyes of our customers and maximizing repeat business? Simple, never lie!! Lies not only damage your ability to communicate with your customers, but in many cases, they can lead to a complete breakdown in communication that can be difficult or even impossible to repair. It can ruin your reputation in the industry, seriously damage your credibility and jeopardize your ability to earn future business. I deliberately make it a point to fully disclose a customer’s rate, term and COD prior to sending contracts. I would prefer to address any questions or concerns upfront to alleviate any uncomfortable misunderstandings or conflicts later on. This practice not only gives my customer an opportunity to raise questions or concerns, it also represents a handshake, a customer’s confirmation of approval and permission to process the contracts and move the deal along. 

Our “word is our bond.” If you say that you are going to do something,  then do it! If for some reason we cannot fulfill a promise, then be truthful – tell that person.

I like this simple quote from Mark Twain: “If you speak the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” 

Read more at Eastern Funding.


Continental welcomes new vended laundry distributor

Oshkosh, Wis.—Continental Girbau Inc. (Continental) recently partnered with a new vended laundry distributor – Equipment Marketers, in Cherry Hill, N.J. Equipment Marketers will represent the ExpressWash®, ExpressDry®, L-Series Washer, G-Flex Washer, Econ-O-Wash, Econ-O-Dry, and LG Platinum Washer/Dryer lines; as well as the Express Laundry Center® brand.

Equipment Marketers, established in 1945, is a full-service vended, on-premise and multi-housing laundry equipment distributor serving the Mid-Atlantic area. As a result of its partnership with Continental, Equipment Marketers now offers Continental vended laundry equipment to customers throughout Delaware, the majority of Pennsylvania, and the New Jersey counties south of, and including, Mercer and Ocean. 

“Equipment Marketers has a longstanding reputation as a regional distributor of on-premise, vended and multi-housing laundry equipment and related services,” said Joel Jorgensen, Continental vice president of sales and customer services. “Family owned and operated with a multi-generational history, Equipment Marketers is a quality organization with whom we are very excited to be associated.”

Learn more about Equipment Marketers at, or call 800-223-1376. 

To find out more about Continental laundry products, visit or call 800-256-1073.